Update 4.2.2019

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last couple of days. We’ve been continuing with the steady progress towards Piwars and with 54 days left, we finally started with the hardware of the robot! Our motors and wheels arrived 2 days ago, and they worked as expected. We also modified the wheels a bit so that they can be attached backwards, which was the plan from the start because of size limitations (the wheels are unnecessarily large).

Our wheels, with a marker for scale.

Currently, these wheels are a bit too large, measuring at 20 centimeters with the motors compared to the maximum of 22.5 centimeters, which is cutting it a bit too close in my opinion. We also got the code for the Canyons of Mars challenge done using the library linked on the previous post. The Line Following code is still a work in progress but it is near completion. Most of the time is gone and a short time is left until the competition, but I’m certain we can make it in time.

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